Petrol Holding
Welcome to Petrol Holding

Petrol Holding, one of the leading holding organizations with consolidated sales of 1.5 billion leva, was founded in 1995 in Varna, Bulgaria. The corporation was founded as a company to trade with crude oil and petrol products to emerge at present day as the owner through Petrol AD of the country’s largest filling stations and storage tank capacity networks. Over the years the company has expanded into various other industries and at present holds assets in financial services, telecommunications, hospitality and leisure, real estate, power generation, aviation, beverages, media, etc.

All projects included in the investment program of Petrol Holding AD are realized through innovative solutions and according to the highest international business standards. The management of the Holding relies on high professionalism, business ethics and openness to its partners in order to achieve the ambitious business goals.

At present the company is owned by three individuals – Mr. Mitko Sabev and Mr. Denis Jersov own 47.5% of the stock each, while Mr. Alexander Melnik owns 5%.

The Holding is managed by Board of Directors consisting of members: Denis Jersov, Alexander Melnik, Ararat Kedilerli, Tsvetan Dimitrov and Mariana Braga.