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Trading with oil products is mainly performed by Petrol AD and its subsidiaries Naftex Petrol EOOD and Petrol Gas OOD.

Petrol AD is a joint-stock company, founded more than 70 years ago, and is a leader in the retail sales of petroleum products in Bulgaria. In 1999 as a result of a privatization deal, Petrol Holding AD, through one of its subsidiaries acquired 51% of the share capital of Petrol AD. As of 31 December 2007 Petrol Holding AD owns directly 69.10% of Petrol’s capital. Petrol AD owns the best developed distribution network for retail sales of fuel in the country, which comprises of 519 retail fuel stations. As a public company listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia, Petrol AD ranks among the companies with highest market capitalization. Eurobonds of Petrol AD, issued in October 2006 are traded on the London Stock Exchange;

Naftex Petrol EOOD is a subsidiary of Petrol AD. After restructuring of the businesses of the Group, it has become the supplier of petroleum products to the wholesale market in Bulgaria. The company owns 35 fuel storage facilities, 3 port terminals and 5 laboratories for quality control. Naftex Petrol EOOD is a licensed warehouse keeper of fuel and petroleum products in compliance with the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act and 11 of its petrol storage facilities have the status of tax warehouses. In accordance with the Law of The Obligatory Reserves of Oil and Oil Products, as of year end 2007 Naftex Petrol owns 6 licensed storage facilities;

Ros Oil EOOD

Petrol Trans Express EOOD is a 100% subsidiary of Petrol AD, specialised in the transportation of fuels. Incorporated in 2001, now the company operates the largest fuel transportation fleet in Bulgaria, with 37 tanker trucks and capacity for delivering up to 1.5 million litres of fuel per day throughout the country, including new petrol and LPG tanker trucks. Petrol Trans Express EOOD has agreements to transport fuel to Petrol AD’s network of fuel stations as well as to the networks of third parties;

Petrol Technics EOOD is a 100% subsidiary of Petrol AD, specialised in construction, maintenance and servicing of petrol stations and petrol storage facilities owned and managed by the Group as well as by third parties;

Petrol Gas OOD is subsidiary of Petrol AD established in 2007. The company is specialized in wholesale trade with LPG and operates a fleet of 100 rail tank cars for transportation of LPG and has total gas storage capacity of 500 cubic metres. As of the end of 2007 Petrol Holding AD owns 90% of Petrol Gas OOD’ share capital.

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